N.U.C.C.A. stands for National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association. It is a gentle, precise and advanced form of chiropractic that centers your head over your neck. At our West Bend office, we do this by gently holding our hands at the Atlas bone, the top bone in the neck, and using it as a lever. If the headpiece placement is just right and the adjustment angle is perfect then, this gentle force that most people don’t feel will slide the head over the neck while also untwisting the neck and back.

NUCCA’s concept is simple – get your head on straight and you will walk, sit and stand balanced in gravity. This will remove tension from your muscles and joints, and remove pressure on your brain stem. This allows your muscles, joints and nervous system to function better and any damage from the pressure and tension of being out of alignment will heal.

The concept is simple – but the application is very complicated. Actually doing the technique properly is a difficult task that takes most chiropractors years to master. The patient placement for x-rays, the x-ray analysis, the patient placement and the adjustment all must be performed perfectly if you are going to fix a patient’s misalignment.

The NUCCA adjustment does take longer than a traditional chiropractic adjustment and requires much more analysis. There is no cracking or twisting of the neck. Because the force is so gentle and there is no twisting of the neck, NUCCA has never been associated with causing a stroke and all the studies show it gets better results than traditional chiropractic care with fewer visits.

NUCCA and other upper cervical chiropractic techniques have been shown to help with the symptoms associated with neck pain, back pain, headaches, migraines, vertigo, dizziness, fibromyalgia, Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, neuropathy, numbness in the arms and legs, asthma, allergies, Bell’s Palsy, trigeminal neuralgia, high blood pressure, insomnia, chronic fatigue, nausea, tinnitus, acid reflux, and much more.

When the Head and Neck are Off Center

  • Muscles of the body become unbalanced, leading to unequal pulling on spinal vertebrae and spinal stress
  • There is a twist in the pelvis and hips, creating the appearance of a “short leg”
  • Unequal weight is carried on each half of the body, leading to joint aches and pains as the body breaks down faster on one side than the other
  • Finally, blood flow to important areas like the spinal cord and brain stem are affected, negatively impacting internal organ systems, creating multiple and often confusing symptoms

After the Alignment Correction

Restoring Head and Neck Alignment Allows the  Body to Reverse The Effects of Spinal Stress

With NUCCA Upper Cervical Care

  • Spinal alignment is restored
  • The spine regains motion and flexibility
  • Tight and painful muscles relax
  • Hips, pelvis, and weight become balanced
  • Pain is relieved
  • Stress is removed from inflamed joints
  • Spinal healing and recovery begin




  • NUCCA care is extremely gentle and safe for the whole family.
  • There is no twisting, popping, or cracking of the spine.
  • Achieving spinal balance means longer lasting results!
  • Far less frequent visits!
  • NUCCA has the highest standard for spinal analysis, X-ray, and correction, making sure you get the very best care available.
  • All care is specific to each patient.  Every spinal imbalance is unique to that person, so every patient will receive a unique and calculated spinal correction, designed to correct their health problem.
  • Our patients don’t have to be adjusted on each visit!
  • Only 0.007% of Chiropractors are specially trained to make the NUCCA correction!

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  • Advanced NUCCA Analysis
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Conditions Relieved Under NUCCA Care

  • Headaches & Migraines
  • Middle & Low Back Pain
  • Post-Trauma Pain
  • TMJ Dysfunction
  • Rotator Cuff Dysfunction
  • Torticollis
  • Spondylosis
  • Disc Herniation
  • Tight Muscles
  • Hip Pain
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Epilepsy/Seizures
  • Knee Pain
  • Bursitis
  • Shoulder Pain
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Stomach Ulcers
  • GERD
  • Dysautonomia
  • Radiating Pain
  • Menier’s Disease
  • Trigeminal Neuralgia
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Hypertension
  • Motor Tics
  • Ear Infections
  • Colic
  • Tinnitus
  • Vertigo
  • Dystonia
  • Cold Hands & Feet
  • Allergies
  • Neurodevelopmental Disorders
  • Sciatica
  • IBS/Crohn’s Disease

How to Know if Your Spine is Misaligned

1. How Are You Feeling?

  • Are you experiencing headaches or migraines?
  • Are you having facial or jaw pain?
  • Do you have pain, tension, or stiffness in your neck, shoulders, or back?
  • Do you have sciatica or any radiating pain into the arms or legs?
  • Is sleeping difficult due to pain or discomfort?
  • Do you wake up stiff or in pain?
  • Is getting up from a seated position difficult?
  • Do you feel easily fatigued?
  • Are you experiencing digestive problems?
  • Do you get sick easily and often?

2. Lying on Your Back on a Firm Surface:

  • Does your low back lay flat to the surface?
  • Do your hips lay evenly?
  • Can you sleep comfortably on your back?
  • Can you see one leg shorter than the other?

3. Standing in Front of a Mirror:

  • Does your head tilt to one side?
  • Are your ears even?
  • Is one shoulder lower than the other?
  • Does your body lean to one side?
  • Are your hips shifted to one side?
  • Do the knees or hips feel twisted or rotated?
  • Is one foot turned out more than the other?
  • Do you feel equal weight balance on each foot?

If You Said YES Three or More Times, You Have a Misaligned Spine

A Misaligned Spine Causes Many Problems including:

  • Reduced range of motion and body function
  • Spinal degeneration & breakdown (aka arthritis)
  • Nerve compression & irritation leading to neurological conditions
  • Spinal nerve compression leading to problems involving the heart, lungs, stomach & intestines, reproductive organs, muscles, joints, and many other systems

Spinal Misalignment is Correctable

A NUCCA Chiropractor performs a precise spinal correction to the Atlas vertebra, the top bone of the spine. Even though the primary focus is the Atlas, the effects of the correction influence the whole spine and all body systems!

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