Hormone Balancing

  • Female Fertility
  • Male Fertility
  • Poor Sleep
  • Mood Issues
  • Weight Gain
  • Fatigue
  • Headaches
  • Poor Libido
  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Digestive Complains
  • PMS Symptoms
  • Irregular Menses
  • Painful Menses
  • Cognitive Issues

The Hormone Balancing System uses saliva tests and natural supplements to balance your body’s hormones.

It can help you with infertility, chronic fatigue, depression, anxiety, erectile dysfunction, low testosterone, menstrual issues in women, sleep problems and so much more!

Before I explain further, let me tell you my story. It took my wife and I years to get pregnant with our first child. We did cleanses, detoxes, healthy diets, hair mineral analysis, food intolerance tests and supplement protocols.

No doubt, these are all good for you, but for our specific issues these practices were not getting to the root cause of the problem.

At one point my wife was taking, no joke, over 20 different supplements every day. After years, we did get pregnant with our son, but we saw no lasting change in how our bodies were functioning.

Then it came time to try and have our 2nd child and the same thing happened. We didn’t get pregnant for 2 years. Every month we would wait, and then my wife would cry hysterically when we were not pregnant. If you have experienced this, you know how awful it is.

We were desperate and decided to go to the hospital. We were both checked, and they told us our hormone levels were all normal.

I felt helpless and hopeless not knowing what else to do. I prayed for help and then one day, one of my professors asked me to come back to the school and speak to his class. I did, and after my talk, he gave a talk on hormone balancing and fertility. He showed how you can test people’s saliva and see what their hormone levels are. This then tells you how their glandular and reproductive systems are functioning. Then, by using supplements to help the body balance it’s hormones, he had helped many women get pregnant.

This was divine intervention. We immediately met with him and did our hormone tests. We found out my wife was producing dirty estrogen and my cortisol was very low, explaining the fatigue I was getting.

This time around, we only had to take 3-4 supplements and we actually saw changes. My wife’s cycle began to change, my sleep improved, and I had way more energy. This all happened, even though the hospital had said we were normal.

It took 9 months for our bodies to heal, but then we got pregnant with our daughter. Everything about this pregnancy and delivery was different. My wife’s body had truly been changed for the better.

I also had more energy than I have had in years.

I knew one day I wanted to offer this service in my office and when Dr. Terry, one of the chiropractors in our office, expressed interest in doing it, I knew it was the right fit.

That is when The Hormone Balancing System was born at our office.

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