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Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine is a science-based approach to looking at the body holistically. It considers each patient’s history, genetics, bio-chemical, lifestyle factors and objective lab testing to create a personalized game plan to help each patient heal from the inside-out.

Functional Medicine addresses the root cause with supplements, lifestyle and dietary changes to help patients with chronic disease get well and feel great again.

When patients become chronically sick, they rarely do so in a way that follows typical textbook recommendations and taking drugs to mask symptoms, ensures that the patient will only get sicker with time.

Our medical model is very good at treating trauma and very acute issues.

However, the “just stop the bleeding” approach doesn’t work for chronic illness, and that is why our system offers little help to patients with chronic disease.

When a patient has a chronic illness, the doctor must ask “why is the body in a state of dysfunction or disease and how did it get here?”. Then, the functional medicine doctor must look at each patient as an individual. The “one size fits all” approach doesn’t work here. Then, the doctor must create a plan to naturally fix the cause of the dysfunction.

Sometimes, the first attempt doesn’t completely fix the cause of the disease, so the doctor must keep digging and using tests like saliva, blood, hair mineral and feces to figure out what the body needs to restore proper health and optimal function. Sometimes, the answer is underlying infection, toxicity, intolerance, or dysfunction due to stress or trauma.

Once the body is in a state of dysfunction, it will affect the patient physically, chemically, and emotionally. The holistic functional medicine doctor will make plans to restore the body to harmony, but this can take time. The patient must be both, patient and disciplined if good outcomes are going to be achieved.

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