What the newest research is showing is with Parkinson’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis and other diseases many, many times you’re seeing a trauma early on in life. They had a trauma, a significant trauma, to the head or neck, some kind of blow, a whiplash, some injury to the head or neck. So if you have a friend or family member with these issues just talk to them and have them think back to when they were a kid, when they were a young adult, some major trauma. What that does is it knocks the neck out of alignment, throwing the head off, and literally reduces blood drainage from the brain. So now you have blood basically sitting in your brain, bad, old blood and you’re not going to get rid of waste like you should; you’re not going to get nutrients like you should.

Also, it’s been shown on MRIs to affect cerebrospinal fluid flow up to the brain and down from the brain. CSF brings electrolytes and a lot of things that your brain and nervous system need to shoot the electrical messages they do throughout the body, so your body and your brain can communicate. So when that happens for years, bad blood flow, bad CSF flow, nerves, spinal cord, brain cells can start breaking down and what you want to do with cervical chiropractic care is take X-rays and get that upper neck, head in the best alignment possible. Let’s get it fixed, let’s take some X-rays afterwards to make sure it’s in good alignment and now let’s hold it there. Let’s hold the neck and head in good alignment allowing new blood flow to come to the brain, old blood to drain out of the brain, allowing good healthy CSF flow so we’re getting those electrolytes and nutrition to the spinal cord and the brain. Then let’s give the body time to heal.

Now, many times it does take some time and sometimes there is permanent damage so you’re not going to take away what’s there, but you can prevent it from getting worse and greatly improve the person’s quality of life by fixing their head and neck.

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