Bell’s palsy is typically face numbness. Half your face goes severely numb, so you lose all control of the muscles in your face. You will see when people smile, only half their face smiles, when they talk only half their face talks. Many times the eyelid also will droop. That is Bell’s palsy. Trigeminal neuralgia is almost the exact opposite. Trigeminal neuralgia is typically half your face, one side of your face, is in severe, severe pain. Unfortunately, many people who suffer from trigeminal neuralgia commit suicide because there is not much they can do, and they are suffering with severe pain constantly.

If you have either one of these conditions, look for an upper cervical chiropractor. An upper cervical chiropractor will use Orthospinology and NUCCA. We will do a postural evaluation looking for head, neck, and overall body alignment. If we look and see that your ears are unlevel, and your shoulders are unlevel, and if one ear is lower, one shoulder will be lower, then we know your neck is out of alignment.

An upper cervical chiropractor will take some very specific x-rays. We will look at your neck from the side, the front, and the top, to get a three-dimensional view of exactly how your neck is positioned. Then, we will give some very gentle adjustments to the atlas, the top bone in the neck, and that is going to help center your head and your neck, and untwist it. It will literally get your head on straight. Then, we will do a post-postural evaluation. We want to see your ears more level, your shoulders more level. We will then take post x-rays to see correction and improvement. When your neck is in alignment that is going to take pressure off that nerve so it is no longer interfering or creating tension with the facial nerve.

When the facial nerve functions properly, the face functions properly, and you will see that face numbness and face pain go away. If you, or anyone you know and love, has these issues, go see an upper cervical chiropractor and get an evaluation.

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