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If you’re an athlete, you understand the numerous demands of participating in a sport. Putting your body through these activities, such as running, jumping or tackling, can result in painful tears, sprains, and strains. Seeing a NUCCA chiropractor can help you heal faster when you’ve suffered sports injuries and also help to prevent them.

Sports Injuries Can Limit Your Performance and Cause Pain

The main reasons athletes suffer sports injuries include forceful impacts, repetitive motions, over-training and failure to warm up properly. This can happen in countless ways, depending on what activity you are doing or what sport you are playing in. As an active person, it is important for you to take precautionary measures, but sometimes injuries happen. Often these conditions are a result of injuries suffered years or even decades prior that did not heal properly.

Children and teens tend to ignore what seem to be small injuries when they are active. But if an injury is left untreated, this can lead to chronic pain in other areas, that may not even be directly related to the focal point of the injury, such the knees, hips, back, and neck. Many sports injuries are insufficiently treated and allowed to rest and heal, increasing the odds that they will cause chronic pain later in life. This can lead to pain, frustration and decrease your athletic abilities.

Sports injuries after birth, falls, and car crashes are the most common cause of misalignments.

Athletes push their body to its limit, regularly, and have a better understanding of its function.

When your body is out of alignment, you walk off center. This creates over engagement and under engagement in the musculature. Then, some joints carry more weight than they should, and others carry less. Sometimes, one leg will carry 40 pounds more weight on that side.

This asymmetry creates problems when you are trying to push your body to it’s max. It can cause chronic muscles tears or sprains/strains. It can also create chronic ligament tears and can cause chronic pain in the neck, back, shoulder, elbows, wrists, hips, knees, or ankles.

The first priority is centering the body in gravity, so it is as close to symmetrical as possible. This will restore normal motion and tension, while also restoring normal dispersion of forces as you move.

There are very few doctors trained to look for global or whole-body misalignment and then are able to fix it. This is exactly what NUCCA does. After that specific adjustment to any locked up joints, we always recommend soft tissue work, deep tissue massage, stretching and strengthening.

Sports or training injuries can cause the following symptoms:

  • Swelling
  • Burning, dull pain
  • Headaches
  • Muscle Pains
  • Inflammation
  • Muscle Spasms

Sports Injuries can Cause Further Injuries if Not Treated

Chiropractors can help athletes by relieving their pain and helping them heal faster after an injury. Many athletes try to mask the pain with medication, but this can lead to further risk and damage to the body. At Gardner Schofield Chiropractic, our trained staff will perform a full evaluation and possibly digital x-rays which are available directly in our office. We will construct a treatment plan to get you feeling your best and back to doing what you love.

Although many people think that chiropractic is solely limited to the spine, chiropractors treat and can help prevent injuries of the neck, back, shoulders, knees, ankles and more. When the spine is perfectly aligned, this can alleviate tension in the body, decreases inflammation and allows the nervous system to function optimally.

When the spine is aligned, vital nutrients, water, and body can travel throughout the body easily. It can also increase the immune system, which is ideal for anyone with a busy and active lifestyle. This allows the body to function better and become less susceptible to injury. If you’re experiencing pain from a sports injury, consider seeing a NUCCA chiropractor. You may want to schedule regular check-ups to prevent injuries and to keep your body performing properly.

Optimize Your Athletic Ability and Prevent Injury with NUCCA Chiropractic Care

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