Decompression in West Bend, WI

After switching to NUCCA, Dr. F.J. was still struggling to help a lot of patients with disc bulges, disc herniations and stenosis. He looked at a few options, but one of his mentors, Dr. Jon Murray, explained that upper cervical chiropractic and decompression with Cox flexion-distraction table combined, was the only treatments that would help with his disc herniation.

After that conversation, Dr. F.J. decided to add decompression to his corrective process. The decompression is a great supportive technique with NUCCA. NUCCA gets the body into alignment. Then, decompression helps open up the disc and nerve spaces in the neck or back to reduce the pressure those tissues are under.

The decompression table straps either the ankle, mid-back or skull to the table and stretches the body. This deep focused stretching opens up the disc and nerve space. This opening up reduces the amount of pressure on the disc, nerve and bone, helping to heal the disc bulge, disc herniation or stenosis.

Decompression and NUCCA can both be performed after fusions, discectomies, laminectomies, and any other spinal surgery, as long as the tissues have fully healed. These techniques should be performed after spinal surgeries to ensure the pressure and tension that caused the problem is removed and no future surgeries will be needed.

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