Parkinson’s Disease and Multiple Sclerosis are disorders caused by brain cells breaking down. Upper Cervical chiropractic care along with a diet rich in probiotics, good fats like Omega-3s and Vitamin D can help improve the symptoms and quality of life.

Can you give us an understanding of Parkinson’s disease and multiple sclerosis?

Dr. F.J. Schofield: Yes. These are both neurodegenerative disorders. So basically nerves, brain cells are breaking down. With Parkinson’s, it’s the substantia nigra part of the brain, for the most part, that’s breaking down. Multiple sclerosis is basically demyelination of the spinal cord. So, myelin is this outer sheath of the spinal cord and nerves and that’s literally breaking down. So, what would cause these things to break down?

Number one, old traumas. You’ll see that almost always with Parkinson’s and MS. They have an old significant trauma to the head and neck. Whiplash, a football injury, a hit in the head as a kid, dropped, something where they really had a major, major trauma to head and the neck. And that is putting a tremendous amount of pressure on the spinal cord and the brain and over time, over years and years and years of that pressure, that part of the brain in the nervous system is breaking down.

Second thing you want to look at is inflammation. Inflammation brings white blood cells. White blood cells are like little termites. They’re going to eat away and destroy whatever is there around. So, after years and years of chronic inflammation, parts of your body, spinal cord, brain, whatever, joints, will get eaten away. So, you want to look at inflammation. Minimize inflammation by one, let’s improve digestion. Let’s make sure we’re getting a lot of good healthy fats in our diet. Lots of good exercise. Loading our body with nutrition, plenty of rest and that will help with these issues.

Are there any dietary changes that will help with these symptoms?

Dr. F.J. Schofield: Yes. First you want to find out with these issues especially, do you have a food sensitivity? Are you eating something every day that your body can’t process which is creating inflammation and really causing a lot of difficult, digestive problems with your body. Your digestion is so important because it’s going to have a huge impact on inflammation. So, a food sensitivity test. You take some blood. You get it back. Let’s cut that stuff out of our diet.

Next, let’s really load up with probiotics. That’s going to be very, very good for digestion, help minimize inflammation. Let’s load up with greens. Chlorophyll, spirulina, wheat grass, lots and lots of greens every day. That’s going to alkalize your body minimizing inflammation and it’s going to improve digestion. Also give your body chlorella; spirulina will give your body a lot of vitamins, minerals and things your body needs so that your brain, your spinal cord needs to function.

Next let’s make sure we’re getting lots and lots of good fats. Your brain’s going to feed primarily on fat. So, let’s make sure we’re getting a lot of Omega-3s, grass fed butter, olive oil, coconut oil. Load your body up. If you have these issues you need a ton. You can put a couple of scoops of coconut oil in your coffee or tea every morning. You could put a couple more in a smoothie for lunch and cook with them. Just load your body up with good healthy fats.

And then Vitamin D. Really, really important to get plenty of Vitamin D. Get a lot of good sunlight, unexposed, uncovered sunlight in the summer. In the winter let’s supplement. Get about 3-4,000 IUs of Vitamin D a day. You just look at your supplement bottle, it’ll tell you how many IUs are in each tablet and take the appropriate amount. Then also getting on anti-inflammatory supplements like a turmeric or a curcumin, things like that that will help minimize inflammation throughout the body will all be very, very beneficial for anyone with these issues.

Does your specialty of upper cervical chiropractic help with the symptoms of Parkinson’s and multiple sclerosis?

Dr. F.J. Schofield: Yes. There’s been a lot of really fantastic research coming out of upper cervical chiropractic showing that upper cervical chiropractic care will correct the upper neck, which we know, but that will improve blood drainage from the brain. It improves cerebral spinal fluid flow to the brain. So good healthy blood is going to bring good nutrition, get rid of waste, good CSF flow is going to do the same thing. So, you’re now going to get all the nutrients to these part of your brain and spinal cord allowing them to heal. Sometimes it’s been going on too long, the damage is done, it’s permanent but then you can at least prevent it from getting worse.

And you’ll see so many times these issues improve when you got to get top notch upper cervical chiropractic care but when you do that, you’ll see a lot of these issues get help because of that improved blood flow and CSF flow.

Can ongoing regular chiropractic care improve the patient’s overall quality of life?

Dr. F.J. Schofield: Yes. I have had patients with Parkinson’s. I had a gentleman came in, took a while, he took some time but his tremor rate went way, way down. So, his hands shook way less. He was able to do a lot of things he hadn’t been able to do because his hands were shaking so bad. He was also getting much, much better sleep. So, his quality of life, I didn’t cure Parkinson’s, of course not, but his quality of life greatly improved because his nervous system was functioning better so the symptoms improved. He had better control of his hands. He got better sleep and absolutely you’ll see with MS too, their quality of life will improve when you get that head and neck in great alignment.

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