Meet Dr. Korie Gardner Schofield

Dr. Korie Gardner Schofield was born and raised in West Bend, WI. She excelled from an early age both in athletics and academics and always had a love for children. In high school, Korie excelled in volleyball and helped her team to win two state championships. From there, she walked on to the University of Wisconsin-Madison. It was there that she earned a scholarship and her team won two Big Ten Championships and finished #2 in the country in the NCAA Tournament. After graduating with a degree in communications, Dr. Korie went on to work in Insurance at the Willis Company for 2 years.

From a young age, her own chiropractor, Dr. Gamache, always told her she would make a great chiropractor because of her passion for athletics and helping others. Dr. Gamache passed away suddenly from cancer around the same time that Dr. Korie was feeling unfulfilled at her insurance job. At Dr. Gamache’s funeral, she remembers hearing thousands of people telling stories about the ways in which Dr. Gamache helped them. It was at this moment that Dr. Korie realized how she could make a difference: She decided to go to chiropractic school.

Dr. Korie enrolled at Palmer Chiropractic College in Davenport, Iowa. She excelled in class and became a Presidential Scholar, earning a spot on the International Chiropractic Honor Society and graduating Magna Cum Laude. At Palmer, she met her future husband, Dr. F.J. and they decided to come back to her hometown to start their own practice.

Excited to be back in West Bend and opening a practice, Dr. Korie has since earned certificates in Advanced Nutrition, Orthospinology, and Low-Speed Impacts & Injury Mechanisms. Dr. Korie has a passion for helping children and pregnant mothers especially. She is now a mother herself and understands the difficulty of raising a healthy family in the modern world. Her mission is to have the same kind of positive impact on the West Bend community that her chiropractor did. In her free time, Dr. Korie loves exercising, watching the Packers and swimming with her son.

Dr. Korie is currently not practicing as she is at home raising her and Dr. FJ’s children – Freddie and Addie.

Natalie K
“I was referred to Dr. FJ by my parents because of issues with headaches, high pressure, and difficulty sleeping. My wife and I were impressed with the upfront and understandable explanation of fee and payment options. The whole staff was... Read More
Steven A
“I was diagnosed with MS in the spring of 2014. In the winter of 2014 I was experiencing a recurring back pain from when I was in high school. I started going to see Dr. FJ in December of 2014... Read More
Ericka S
“I have been very happy with the care I have received. I had severe arm pain, tingling, and numbness. I thought I may need surgery the pain was so great. However, Dr. FJ was able to reduce and then eliminate... Read More
Katie P
“I got the referral from my dad due to having issues with TMJ. I had never been in to see a chiropractor but figured it couldn’t hurt any. After a few visits my jaw felt great! I absolutely love the... Read More
Laura L
“My husband is a regular there at least twice a week. It helps to maintain a lower level of pain due to a chronic back issue he has been having for many years. I went all the time after i... Read More
Sharon K
“Great chiropractors and staff.Show genuine concern.My granddaughter gets adjustments there and feels very comfortable with Dr.Fj. If you have been to other chiropractors or doctors and still not satisfied ,try Gardner Schofield chiropractic, well worth it. I know I will... Read More
Sharon M
“Dr. Schofield definitely helped me with sciatica. It didn’t happen overnight, but after a dozen or so treatments I finally was without pain. He is serious about his work, and I regard him as THE BEST. I would suggest you... Read More
Katy S
“This has been a bad week for this mother of four. I came down with pneumonia, had to miss conducting my schools Christmas concerts because I was so sick and threw my neck out from coughing so hard. I called... Read More
Alex P
“I came in about 6 weeks ago with extreme lower back pain (which I had never had before). Dr. FJ was able to diagnose what was wrong and set up regular appointments. Since I have started going to this chiropractor,... Read More
Diana S
“I had been experiencing chronic back pain for over 5 years! It hurt to sit down, it hurt to bend over, it hurt practically all the time… I thought it was something I was going to have to live with... Read More

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