Meet Dr. Josh Gurrola

Dr. Josh is a 3rd generation chiropractor, born in Utah and raised in Indiana. While attending school at Palmer College of Chiropractic, Dr. Josh struggled with severe back pain, daily migraines and atrial fibrillation, nearly forcing him to withdraw from classes. His conditions led him to search for something that would help. After trying traditional chiropractic techniques, Dr. Josh was frustrated with no results and questioned if chiropractic care even worked. He was ready to quit chiropractic school when he was referred to a chiropractor in Wisconsin who practiced the NUCCA technique.

Unlike the typical techniques, the visit took several hours and required very specific x-rays. After drawing lines on the films and doing what appeared to be mathematical calculations, the doctor said “OK, let’s go fix your problem.” There was no twisting or cracking. About 10 minutes after the adjustment, Dr. Josh was required to rest for 2 hours. While resting, he kept thinking to himself “Did anything actually happen? I hardly felt anything.” He was expecting something with more bells and whistles during the adjustment.
Over the next several months, Dr. Josh was checked by the NUCCA chiropractor in Wisconsin and continued to hold his original adjustment. “My migraines and my back pain did not change at first. It took about 2 months of healing. The first thing I noticed was that my heart palpitations became less frequent and then completely disappeared. Then the migraines became less frequent and eventually disappeared. Then finally the back pain disappeared.” To this day, Dr. Josh still has not had a migraine or an atrial fibrillation.

After 5 months of being pain free, Dr. Josh had his wife and 3 young children all under NUCCA care.

“After being treated, I realized the vital importance of what NUCCA was doing. Every person should experience the healing effects of a NUCCA adjustment.”

Dr. Josh quickly began his NUCCA training while still in school and practiced NUCCA exclusively while working in the Palmer clinic. Dr. Josh is eager to serve the West Bend community with NUCCA and change lives the way his and his families were changed.

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