Ideally, I would recommend every kid, when they’re born, come in and get an upper cervical chiropractic adjustment – get their neck in alignment. Now with ADHD, the first thing I would recommend is, let’s get their breakfast sorted out. Let’s look at this kid’s breakfast. What are we giving them? Are we giving them some nutrients? Are we giving them some fruits and vegetables, and some good fats? And then maybe some complex carbohydrates…things their brain and body can run on, and it will help them to pay attention.

Let’s make sure we’re giving them no sweeteners and no sugar, no artificial sweetener, absolutely no caffeine, and then also look at dairy. A lot of people are allergic to dairy, so let’s get them off of that. So, get them a good breakfast.

Now let’s make sure this kid’s also getting exercise. Let’s give them an outlet to get rid of some of this energy. If there’s no physical education in school, let’s make sure they’re getting it in recess; if they can’t get it in recess, then absolutely make sure after school they’re getting tons and tons of exercise.

If you’re doing those things, getting plenty of exercise, good quality diet, and then there’s still an issue, they’re not able to sit still, they’re not able to control their mood, they’re not able to harness their energy, let’s bring them in; let’s check the upper cervical alignment, the upper neck alignment. The biggest thing with that is the upper neck houses your parasympathetic nervous system, comes out at upper neck and the tail bone.

We want to see if the upper neck is pinching the parasympathetic nerves. The reason these are important is these are your resting, calming nerves, so by correcting and fixing the upper neck, with a specific upper cervical adjustment, you’re improving parasympathetic nervous system function, which is naturally going to calm people down, help them relax, help these kids sit better, focus better, control their moods better; they’ll do much, much better in school and we can keep them off the drugs.

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