Chiropractic care can help pregnant women by reducing back pain, pressure and muscle tension. Chiropractors get the body in the best alignment to ensure good baby position and an easier delivery.

Please explain why pregnant women can benefit from chiropractic care.

Dr. F.J. Schofield: First off, a lot of times with pregnancy, you just see back pain. Getting adjusted allows you to just feel better. You are reducing the pain in the back by getting the body in better alignment, minimizing muscle and soft tissue tension, ligament tension. A lot of side benefits we’ve noticed with getting adjusted while you’re pregnant is easier delivery. We see that all the time. Easier, shorter delivery times is a side benefit. You also see a lot of better baby position. Breech is when the baby is butt down in and their feet, so they would come out with their butt first. That is nowadays a mandatory C-Section. You see a lot of those babies change position once they get adjusted, so then they switch to the proper position that you want where the head is going to come out first. I am not saying we’re moving the babies, what we’re doing is adjusting the pelvis, moving the bones, minimizing joint tension, muscular tension that is sometimes holding the baby in the wrong position. When you do that, it is amazing lots of times how you remove that pressure and the baby gets in a better position.

One of our chiropractors, Dr. Terry is certified in the Webster Technique. The Webster Technique is used to adjust the pelvis, minimize the ligament soft tissue tension, getting the body in the best alignment, so you’re doing your best to ensure a good delivery and a good baby position.

Do most of your pregnancy patients suffer from back pain?

Dr. F.J. Schofield: Oh yeah, almost all of them at some point get back pain for a couple pretty simple reasons. One, as the baby gets bigger and bigger, you’re carrying a larger load than you’re used to. Usually you’re going to gain 30 to 40 pounds, sometimes more, so now your hips, your low back, all that’s carrying a lot more weight than it is used to, creating a lot of just soreness, achiness that can be helped with adjustment.

Also, many times that increased size, especially that belly pushing out in front will pull the hips forward, I see it all the time, so you can adjust those and then that will create joint tension, muscular tension, nerve pressure. By adjusting that, you are reducing the load, getting in better alignment, so a lot of that pressure disappears and Mom feels better.

What are some other common complaints that you hear from your pregnant patients?

Dr. F.J. Schofield: You also get a lot of neck pain and headaches. We don’t X-Ray pregnant women, but if they are an existing patient and we have X-Rays and we do our Upper Cervical adjustments using the NUCCA technique to balance the head and the neck and then the neck pain and headaches go away. If we don’t have that, we work as best we can to just minimize muscular tension and soft tissue contracture in the body and lots of times, that will help as well.

Do most of your patients return for post-delivery chiropractic care?

Dr. F.J. Schofield: Oh yeah, almost all of them. Once you I think get over the fear of going to a chiropractor, and you see the benefits, you see your body feels better, your body’s functioning better, then almost all of them will sign up, get X-Rays, get corrective care, so we fix their problems and then they do their maintenance every couple of months to stay in good alignment. Most of them actually bring their babies in too. It just makes sense, if you’re in better alignment, you are going to feel better, so they get their babies checked. Birth trauma is the most common reason for the original misalignment, so you check it right away before anything major happens, you get it fixed, you prevent all kinds of issues from happening down the road, and both Mom and baby do really well.

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