Chiropractic care can help during pregnancy by getting the mother’s body in the best alignment possible. That is going minimize joint, nerve, and muscular tension, so it is going to minimize and reduce the amount of pain Mom is in. Another side benefit we have noticed is that it helps the baby get in the best position possible for delivery by minimizing any unnecessary tension in the ligaments and muscles.

Many women have come to us after a C-Section who want to try to give birth vaginally (also called a VBAC) and almost always, they are able to do that with quality chiropractic care. Then of course, we give them some stretches and different things to do, and it really helps with the delivery.

Delivery of a baby is intense. Many times, you will see a mother’s hips and other body parts shift, so with chiropractic treatment we adjust mothers afterwards to fix and prevent any chronic issues.

We also adjust the baby after delivery. Most misalignments happen at birth; that is the original misalignment. We get all this fixed right away to prevent any chronic pain and problems down the road.

Dr. F.J. Schofield specializes in Upper Cervical Chiropractic care at Gardner Schofield Chiropractic in West Bend, Wisconsin. He can be reached at (262) 334-8188 and is located at 820 E. Paradis Dr., West Bend, WI 53095. 

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