Inside your upper cervical spine is your spinal cord and your brain stem. The place for the central nervous system, your brain and spinal cord. Your upper cervical spine is designed to protect that area. When the spine goes out of alignment, it effects blood flow to the brain, cervical spinal fluid flow to the brain, and it literally puts pressure, pulls, presses, and pinches the spinal cord and the brain stem.

With a misalignment, your immune system isn’t going to act as efficiently and lots of times allergies act up. This is because an allergy is typically a weak immune system that is overreacting. By getting that area in good alignment, you’re improving nervous system function which is going to improve immune system function.

With asthma, the bronchials in the lungs (the little pathways) are restricting unnecessarily or not relaxing when they should. Those are controlled by the parasympathetic nervous system which comes out of your upper neck, your brain stem. By getting the upper neck in good alignment, you’re allowing the nerves to function properly – those nerves are carrying messages from the brain to the lungs and messages from the lungs to the brain. When that communication happens properly, those pathways open when they should and close when they should. When you start exercising, they open and allow more oxygen through and then when you relax, they close down because you don’t need the extra oxygen. Asthma and difficulty breathing can disappear as your body, your immune system and your nervous system are all functioning properly.

That is what happens with Upper Cervical Chiropractic – we’re getting to that circuit breaker and making sure that it is in good alignment so everything else functions properly. You can look at the Bears 30 for 30 with Jim McMahon. Jim McMahon received an Upper Cervical adjustment similar to what we provide and it completely changed his mood and how he felt by allowing the blood drainage, the CSF flow, and making sure there is no pressure on the brainstem.

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