Chiropractic care is effective in helping kids manage the effects of ADHD by improving the upper neck alignment which restores the nerve and spinal fluid flow to the brain which helps brain function and nerve function.

Can you tell the difference between a child with ADHD and a child with just a ton of energy?

Dr. F.J. Schofield: Yeah, that is a really important distinction. I was a hyperactive kid, so I feel bad for a lot of these kids. We want to put kids on drugs as a very, very last resort. So now in the modern world, with schools having little to no PE or physical education and shorter recesses and no music, it’s very, very hard for kids to get rid of a lot of their built up energy.

So the first thing you want to do is look at their breakfast. Okay? Your typical kid is having a cereal loaded with sugar and dairy, and then little to no water, and then you go ask this kid to sit still for eight hours and not move. I mean, that would be hard for most adults and now you have a kid with 10 times that amount of energy.

So first, let’s get their breakfast in order. Let’s get some fruits, let’s get some good quality proteins, even some toast, a complex carbohydrate. Give them some fats. I mean, you could supplement them with fish oil, you can put a little coconut oil in a smoothie, anything like that, lots of chlorella. So give them a lot of nutrients, a good quality, healthy breakfast. And then, let’s make sure, if they don’t have PE in school, let’s make sure they’re getting plenty of exercise after school.

So do those things first and also minimize sweeteners. Minimize, minimize sweeteners. No sugar before school, no artificial sweeteners, no high-fructose corn syrups. I see some kids going to school with these huge Starbucks, caffeine, sugar, and then you wonder why they’re loaded with energy.

So let’s get their diet in order and let’s make sure they’re getting plenty of exercise. And then, if you do those things and this kid is still just completely unable to sit still, completely unable to control his or her energy, then let’s start looking at other things. You can look at supplements and chiropractic care but first let’s make sure they’re getting a good quality breakfast and they’re getting plenty of exercise after school.

Now, can you explain how chiropractic care is effective?

Dr. F.J. Schofield: Sure. ADHD is essentially a mood issue and a kid has a lot of energy, they have a very hard time paying attention, they’re bouncing off the walls. Well the brain obviously controls all of that and one of the most important parts for a healthy brain that functions properly is having good neck alignment. And the reason for that is blood drains from your brain through your jugular vein, and that can be compressed. So it literally can get pinched when your neck twists out of alignment. So it’s almost like a clogged pipe. And then you get old bad blood in the brain, and then your brain doesn’t function properly.

Also, CSF flow. Cerebral spinal fluid flows through your brain, bringing electrolytes and the nutrients your brain needs to function, and then the old CSF comes out down through your upper neck. So when the neck goes out of alignment, that can also affect CSF flow. So now you’re causing the brain to function abnormally or not function as well and you can get mood problems like ADHD or anxiety or depression and they will do much, much better when you get that upper neck in good alignment.

At what age do you suggest having a child checked by a chiropractor?

Dr. F.J. Schofield: In a perfect world, after birth. I checked my son a few hours after birth. When my office manager just had a baby, brought him in a few days after he was born. Birth is a very traumatic process. It’s very tough when the baby, if he comes through vaginally, it’s hard on the neck. If they get pulled out or sucked out or if it’s a C-section and they get ripped out, a lot of trauma to the baby’s head and neck.

So you want to make sure right away. And babies, they haven’t had a lot of the stress and traumas an adult has, so usually it’s a pretty simple, easy fix. It’s very, very gentle. You’re not twisting or cracking the baby’s neck, you’re just very gently holding the atlas and nudging it in the top of the neck, nudging the top of the neck back into alignment. And then, so many times you prevent issues from happening.

Are there certain behaviors that show the most improvement with chiropractic care?

Dr. F.J. Schofield: Chiropractic care, when you’re getting specific upper cervical chiropractic care you’re improving the upper neck alignment, which is going to improve brain function, which is going to improve the kid’s ability to basically control his energy or her energy, control herself. So, they’re going to be able to sit still better, they’re going to be able to control their moods better. Now, a kid with ton of energy, school is still, well I had a really hard time sitting through school, but I was able, I was in good alignment and eating good food, I was able to get through classes, study, get good grades. When you’re in good alignment you’ll absolutely see the kids be able to pay attention better, control their energy better, and sit still better.

And it’ll be less drugs. All those Ritalin, Adderall, they have the same classification as cocaine, so these are very, very potent drugs. They have a lot of side effects. And so, you want to make sure that you’re only using those as a last resort, and you’re using them very, very sparingly. You don’t want kids taking those for 20, 30, 40 years.

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