Your estrogen may have the normal amounts, which is what a hospital would check for, but your body could be creating or metabolizing dirty estrogen. This is exactly what happened to my wife. She was told that her estrogen and progesterone were normal.

This dirty estrogen can cause fertility issues, weight gain, irregular periods, sleep problems, mood changes and so much more.

We decided to do a saliva test with our professor from chiropractic school, a functional medicine trained doctor, and he explained that the doctors were wrong. My wife was creating dirty estrogen and we needed to clean that up by supplementing with Indole-3-Carbinol.

He also made other supplemental recommendations for other reasons, but just hearing that her body was out of balance and there was something we could do about it gave us so much hope.

So, please don’t give up! If a hospital has said that you are normal, but your body is still not functioning properly, there is hope!