The answer is not that simple. Yes, you can have too much cortisol and yes, it is the hormone of stress, created by your adrenal glands, but you need it.

At our NUCCA and Functional Medicine practice in West Bend, we find that most people do not have enough cortisol being produced by their adrenals. This is a huge problem for both men and women. It can lead to fertility issues, weight gain, sleep problems, low libido, chronic fatigue and much more.

You do not want to just start supporting your adrenals without first testing how your current function is.

This is the same concept as why we take x-rays before and after adjustments with the NUCCA technique. We make sure there is no guessing, and we can be sure complete correction is attained.

We test your hormones by testing your saliva before and after months of taking supplements, to make sure the body is balancing, and normal function is restored.

Cortisol is very important to being healthy when your adrenals release the correct amounts at the correct times.