Cortisol is a hormone produced and released by your adrenal glands. It is part of the fight or flight response, but it is also necessary for good levels of energy.

Your levels of cortisol should be highest in the morning. This gives you the energy to get out of bed and attack your day. However, through prolonged moments of mental stress or extreme physical fatigue or both, your adrenal glands can become exhausted and no longer create or secrete the proper amounts of cortisol.

Physical exhaustion is straight forward, but mental stress is different. There are people in good families that make good incomes and have always been comfortable, that are more stressed because of work deadlines or freaking out over possibly getting a “B” on an exam. Even though neither one of these events are life-threatening, it can create the chemical response in the body equivalent to a life-threatening event.

Then, there are people in war zones or possibly losing their house, which are much more stressful events, but they have become accustom to these moments and their body has a smaller stress response than the student who might get a “B”.

It is not the event in and of itself that determines the experience, it is the person’s interpretation of the event that determines the experience.

What you eat and drink also have an effect, but by far, how you interpret stress is the biggest influence on your glandular system.

So, if you have just graduated school or reduced hours at work and now it is extremely difficult to get out of bed, it does not mean you are lazy. It could be that your body has been depleted of cortisol and your adrenals are worn out.

At our NUCCA Chiropractic and Natural Healing office, we use saliva testing to evaluate how your adrenals are functioning and then give you specific supplemental recommendations to allow your adrenals and glandular system to heal, restore balance and function optimally. We test and re-test so there is no guessing.

Overtime, this will improve energy, reduce fatigue and then if you don’t get out of bed it will no longer be your adrenals fault.